The Paw Seasons Luxury Breaks For Dogs

The Paw Seasons

Doggie Destinations


At The Paw Seasons in the Cotswolds, the dogs are able to choose where they relax. Some prefer the completely distressed sofa in the office, or the variety of soft beds in the kitchen so that they can be nearest to the food source when required! In the evening, they snuggle up with us on the velvet sofa in the sitting room, or next to the old-fashioned log burner.

Ivy Farm


Melissa Powell shares her stunning village house and enormous garden with her husband, Christopher, and a menagerie of animals including Willow the beautiful Battersea Rescue Golden Retriever, 2 retired horses and a fox-proof coop of very happy and free range ducks and hens.



Myra Chappell and her retired husband Steve live in this picture-postcard village surrounded by flat common-land with restricted access by car. Their flat-coat retriever, Jake, is a lovely, one-man welcoming committee and loves nothing more than showing off his back garden to new visitors.